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I was lucky enough to get the Bullitt Panel Bags at a reduced price from fahrer-berlin.de. It is a set of bags that sits in an otherwise unused space behind the main cargo area of the Danish Bullitt cargo bike.

Fahrer Panel Bag - Two practical bags for the Danish Bullitt cargo bike

The bags are waterproof and rather large. I was surprised on how much stuff I could carry with room to spare.

The bicycle pump and Kryptonite New York Noose Chain 1275 and Evolution Disc Lock takes up the room in one pocket and the rest is in the other pocket.

In the front inside the main cargo area there is a large mesh pocket which is practical for storing flat items or empty shopping bags.

Mesh pocket in the main cargo area

One might wonder why I need two bags on a cargo bike with plenty of storage in the main cargo area. The truth is I like it tidy and a clean main cargo area. The other thing I noticed is when I left my Kryptonite New York Noose 1275 loose in the main cargo area, the whole chain rattled loudly when riding over an uneven surface. When left in one of the small panel bags, I heard nothing. Each bag also have two straps to tighten the bag to keep everything in place and rattle free.

Velcro strap to keep items in place

Installation was straightforward and easy using the supplied instructions. I stopped only once to consider if I really had to tighten two screws through the front mesh pocket… and I did!

It should be compatible with the HOOD cargo bag which I review earlier here and it is fully compatible with the BBX Side Panel Kit from Harry vs Larry.

The Panel Bags are compatible with the BBX Side Panel Kit from Harry vs Larry

With the foldable seat it is still possible to use the panel bags, but without access to the front mesh pockets and without using the bottom screws.

To sum it up, it is the best purchase I have made this year for my cargo bike! 129 euro might be too steep for some, but for that price you get a two practical weatherproof panel bags and a mesh pocket in front. Compared to other accessories for the Bullitt cargo bike, that is in the lower end of the price scale.



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