Using OpenVPN client with Ubuntu 16.04 server

The post will show you how to setup a headless linux server using Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and only allowing outgoing connections using a secure VPN connection with OpenVPN. If the VPN connection fails, no traffic is leaked. I will be using NordVPN as an example VPN provider since it is what I use myself, but … Continue reading “Using OpenVPN client with Ubuntu 16.04 server”

Let’s Encrypt DNS challenge with and CloudFlare

I wrote a small blog post about getting free SSL certificates using Let’s Encrypt. It required outside access for the validations proces to work. But now I needed SSL certificates for my local services without public access, this turned out to be very easy using DNS challenge and CloudFlare DNS. First we install it. … Continue reading “Let’s Encrypt DNS challenge with and CloudFlare”

Ubuntu Canonical Livepatch Service

Since I am running several machines with LXD containers, it is extra important to keep the host kernel up-to-date with security patches since every container uses the host kernel. Using Canonicals Livepatch Service enables live patching without a reboot / restart for free for up to 3 machines. For this to work you need: Fully … Continue reading “Ubuntu Canonical Livepatch Service”

Amazon AJAX Javascript Link Localiser

I recently wrote about how a cache everything on this site on CloudFlare – including the HTML pages. This does not play nice with my geo-aware cache setup which I used to generate specific pages with localised links depending which country my visitor came from. To get around this problem I have written some Javascript … Continue reading “Amazon AJAX Javascript Link Localiser”

Turbocharging WordPress: Caching static HTML with CloudFlare for free

I already use CloudFlare as a CDN (content delivery network) to cache my static resources and serve them closer to the visitor. CloudFlare also automatically serves content using HTTP/2 and even allows one to use Server Push feature to push resources before the browser even has received the HTML page. The last step is to … Continue reading “Turbocharging WordPress: Caching static HTML with CloudFlare for free”

Latest stable LXD on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

I have previously a small guide on how to get started with LXD 2.0 here. This however install LXD 2.0.5 and the current stable version is 2.6.2 at the time of writing. The whole setup is on a KVM VPS at RamNode (affiliate link, I highly recommend them and use them myself!). Notice that OpenVZ … Continue reading “Latest stable LXD on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS”

Migrate OpenVZ container to another host without node access

Today I received a notice that all OpenVZ VPS customers are cancelled 30 days from now so I needed to figure out fast how to migrate my OpenVZ container to another hosting company. Lucky for me, the proces took less than 10 minutes without access to the OpenVZ node. My setup is: OpenVZ container … Continue reading “Migrate OpenVZ container to another host without node access”