Bullitt cargo bike with solar panels

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I finally became a proper citizen of Copenhagen, Denmark… I bought a cargo bicycle! Now this isn’t any old cargo bike, it is a new take on the Danish Long John from 1923. Introducing the Bullitt from Larry vs Harry with a load capacity of 180 kilo, driver included. Now with all that room and capacity it is time to take my geeky projects outside and enjoy the weather!

My Bullitt cargo bike in Copenhagen, loaded up with a few Voltaic solar panels.


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One thing I needed was a renewable source of energy so I bought a front wheel dynamo, the Shimano DH-S501 Alfine Dynamo Disc Hub, which generates about 3 watts of power at 6v AC. This can output about 0.5 amps at 5v DC using an adapter to charge USB devices, but it is a bit on the low side. It also introduces some drag as you can see from the video, but nothing I can feel when using the bike.

So I decided to mount my Voltaic solar panels for a total of 30 watts of pure solar power!

Bullitt cargo bike with Voltaic Arc 20W and Fuse 10W solar panels mounted. The charging is done using a 16.000 mAh Voltaic V60 battery.

The setup consists of

The battery is connected to the Fuse 10W and the Arc 20W supplies extra power by connecting it to the “Solar Panel Output” on the Fuse 10W. To do this I needed to use one of the included adapters to bridge the V60 barrel adapter with the Arc 20W and then the 5.5x2.5mm wire to connect the V60 barrel adapter to the Fuse 10W. Check out this guide for more information on how to do this. The above setup works nice for dedicated trips to the beach or a long bike ride where I need a lot of power. But there are a few drawbacks

The next project is to change the setup so both the front hub dynamo and the solar panels charge the same battery and mounting smaller solar panels permanently on the bike.

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