HOOD 001 cargo bag review

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I was lucky enough to get the Bullitt Hood 001 at a reduced price from fahrer-berlin.de. This is basically a permanently attached weatherproof bag for the Bullitt cargo bike that can be collapsed when not needed. The Hood 002 is the same bag, just in red. The cargo bag is attached as a backplate using four screws. When the Hood 001 cargo bag is attached and collapsed, it only takes up 3 centimetres of space and keeps most of the cargo area free.

Hood 001 cargo bag in closed condition. It takes up about 3 cm when closed

The Bullitt is designed around the standard Danish moving box, which is not standard at all. Depending in the thickness of the cardboard, these fluctuate in size and I have seen lengths of 60, 67, and 70 centimetres. The 3 centimetres the Hood 001 adds is therefore enough to prevent using the largest Danish moving box which at 70 centimetres. However, most moving boxes are only 67 centimetres long or less and these fit perfectly.

The Bullitt is designed for the Danish moving box, but the Bullitt adds 3 cm when closed and this means that the there is not enough room for the largest moving box at 70 centimetres. Moving boxes of 67 centimetres or below should fit just fine.

One can always store the moving box the other way, but then the Bullitt is no longer slim. To expand the cargo bag, one just have to unzip the bag and using a simple strap attach it around the front of the Bullit cargobike.

The Hood 001 cargo bag is secured to the front using a simple strap around the honeycomb board

This does not take that long once you have tried it a few times, the video below is my fifth try. It takes about a minute to expand or collapse the bag.

The bag is not a 100% snug fit on my bike, there is a small gap between the bag and the front of the bike. This is not a practical problem, it would just look better with a snug fit. I have asked Fahrer-berlin.de why this gap exists and they say you need the gap to retighten the bag. The bag slightly expands with the time of use and when it is wet so the fit will be better over time. Lastly the new versions of these bags have a smaller gap from the start.

The cargobag is not a perfect fit, there is a small gap between the bag and the honeycomb board

The top can also be rolled up on the side to have an open bag.

The top of the Hood 001 can be rolled up on the side.

A minor detail is the mesh pocket on the back panel for storage and four small rings for securing content using straps (not included). The straps and minor content can be left in the bag even when in a collapsed state.

Four small hooks can be used for securing content with straps.

Ultimately, I really like this bag and have used it more than I thought I would. I am sure that the BBX Side Panel Kit from Harry vs Larry is more durable and in some ways more practical, but the Hood 001 is 65 euro cheaper and more flexible. In a collapsed state I have transported odd sized cargo that would have been difficult with the side kit and I have used the cargo area as a chair when taking a break since there are no side panels in the way. After I switched to max length of 67 centimetres moving boxes I could also fit these in the bike. The Hood 001 is also half the weight compared to the BBX Side Panel Kit, 2 kg vs 3.8 kg. Like all Bullitt accessories, my biggest issue with this bag is the price. At 289 euro it is expensive, but the only other alternative is the BBX Side Panel Kit at 354 euro.



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