Wireless charging a Kindle Paperwhite

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In my quest to fully eliminate any micro-usb devices I stumbled upon my old Kindle Paperwhite which is one of my last devices to use micro-usb. A neat little trick if you are using a case with the Kindle is to purchase a wireless charging module to add between the Kindle and the case.

A micro-usb wireless receiver

For just 13 USD for the wireless charging receiver and another 14 USD for the wireless charger it works great! It does make the Kindle a tiny bit more bulky, but nothing I notice using it day to day.

A micro-usb wireless receiver attached to the Kindle Paperwhite

It takes a few tries the first time to place the Kindle correctly on the wireless charging pad since it is not completely center. A tip - use the micro-usb connector as a point to center it.

A micro-usb wireless receiver attached to the Kindle Paperwhite. As it is not completely center it takes a few tries the first time charging it.



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This trick should also work on phones or similar devices that use a case.

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