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I got tired of having too much stuff in my pockets so I started a project to reduce the amount of stuff I carry, starting with my keys. I chose only to carry 2 keys and one access token with me at all times. But the keychain, keys and token were still a bit bulky, so I purchased the KeyZ, a kickstarter project to eliminate the keychain. Depending on the model and keys, it can fit up to 12 keys by changing the screws.

You don’t have to modify the keys, but I did so to have a better fit with my access token. The result is a compact solution that fits perfectly in my pockets

KeyZ with 2 keys and an access token

Later I decided to reduce the size even further by removing some excess metal from the keys using a hacksaw.

Excess metal removed using a hacksaw

You can do this much cheaper modifying a multitool, but this is an easy way to get starting without modifying your keys. The model I got is the basic KeyZ for 35 USD which can be purchased here

UPDATE 03-12-2014
I discovered that the inside of my access token is a very flat RFID chip so I did not need to have it in my KeyZ at all, I could just glue it to my credit sized travel card

Who knew that the large access token only contained a very flat RFID chip! I glued it to another card I had to protect it and avoid loosing it

So now its oven more compact with 3 keys, room for 4 keys when I need it

Added a third key and no more access token

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