Using google adwords to increase free Dropbox space

A few years ago I stumbled upon this article describing how to get free Dropbox space by using google adwords to make people click on your referral link to Dropbox. Each click and installation of Dropbox gives you free space up to a certain amount. My experience is that you can only advertise in … Continue reading “Using google adwords to increase free Dropbox space”

Cryptocurrency mining: Bitcoin, Litecoin and more

You might have heard about digital currency called Bitcoin in the news. The value from a single Bitcoin has grown from a few dollars to 1200 USD and recently back to 1000 USD, a highly volatile currency. It is open source, distributed, decentralized and uses cryptographic principles for securing the setup. For more information about … Continue reading “Cryptocurrency mining: Bitcoin, Litecoin and more”

External graphics card experiment: Part 1

I always wanted to have a small light portable computer on the go and when I get home to use a docking station and get the full desktop experience. Following other people examples on the internet I have made this cheap solution with and external graphics card in the docking station (eGPU) that can be … Continue reading “External graphics card experiment: Part 1”