HTTP/2 Server Push with NGINX, CloudFlare and WordPress

With CloudFlare supporting HTTP/2 and Server Push, we can leverage that by using CloudFlare as a CDN even though NGINX does not support Server Push. Setup CloudFlare Login / create an account at Make sure you use CloudFlares nameservers as your primary nameservers. Your domain must resolve using CloudFlares DNS server Go to DNS … Continue reading “HTTP/2 Server Push with NGINX, CloudFlare and WordPress”

Free email forward with

I recently started moving away from my Danish Domain and DNS provider GratisDNS which charges me about $7.5 per year just for an email forward service which I use to be able to send and receive emails as from my gmail account. This can be done for free using! This includes unlimited incoming … Continue reading “Free email forward with”

HOOD 001 cargo bag review

I was lucky enough to get the Bullitt Hood 001 at a reduced price from This is basically a permanently attached weatherproof bag for the Bullitt cargo bike that can be collapsed when not needed. The Hood 002 is the same bag, just in red. The cargo bag is attached as a backplate using … Continue reading “HOOD 001 cargo bag review”

ESP8266 NodeMCU – OLED display using SPI

I bought a $4 1 inch OLED SPI display that I wanted to use with my ESP8266 development board. By using an online service to create a streamlined NodeMCU firmware this was a breeze! NodeMCU with the correct modules Flash the ESP8266 with a version of NodeMCU that contains the following modules: bit SPI U8G Follow my post here on how … Continue reading “ESP8266 NodeMCU – OLED display using SPI”

ESP8266 – Controlling an IHC wireless light switch

Recently I installed several intelligent IHC Wireless lightswitches and power outlets from Lauritz Knudsen. They can be programmed so that any switch can wirelessly control any other switch or power outlet. I wanted to control these switches using my phone and was left with three options Buy an IHC Wireless Controller for around $750 and try to integrate … Continue reading “ESP8266 – Controlling an IHC wireless light switch”

WP Product Review custom shortcode

I am preparing to write reviews on my blog and stumbled on the WP Product Review plugin for WordPress which seemed like a perfect fit. However, when I inserted the review box at the end of my posts, it was placed below my social share buttons. To place the box above my social share links I have … Continue reading “WP Product Review custom shortcode”

Nonda USB-C to USB 3.0 Mini Adapter review

I was lucky enough to get a review sample from Nonda of their tiny USB-C USB 3.0 adapter, which was very lucky since I was in dire need of one when I recently bought the new retina MacBook with only a single USB-C port. While I am still waiting for their Hub+ solution I am … Continue reading “Nonda USB-C to USB 3.0 Mini Adapter review”

ESP8266 NodeMCU – DHT22 sensor and ThingSpeak

I have previously written about pushing temperature and humidity readings from an ESP8266 to a MQTT server using a DHT22 sensor. Later I leveraged NodeMCU’s built-in DHT22 library by using an online service to create a streamlined NodeMCU firmware fit for my needs. However, a reader asked me about pushing data to instead and … Continue reading “ESP8266 NodeMCU – DHT22 sensor and ThingSpeak”