Amazon AJAX Javascript Link Localiser

I recently wrote about how a cache everything on this site on CloudFlare – including the HTML pages. This does not play nice with my geo-aware cache setup which I used to generate specific pages with localised links depending which country my visitor came from. To get around this problem I have written some Javascript … Continue reading “Amazon AJAX Javascript Link Localiser”

Turbocharging WordPress: Caching static HTML with CloudFlare for free

I already use CloudFlare as a CDN (content delivery network) to cache my static resources and serve them closer to the visitor. CloudFlare also automatically serves content using HTTP/2 and even allows one to use Server Push feature to push resources before the browser even has received the HTML page. The last step is to … Continue reading “Turbocharging WordPress: Caching static HTML with CloudFlare for free”

HTTP/2 Server Push with NGINX, CloudFlare and WordPress

With CloudFlare supporting HTTP/2 and Server Push, we can leverage that by using CloudFlare as a CDN even though NGINX does not support Server Push. Setup CloudFlare Login / create an account at Make sure you use CloudFlares nameservers as your primary nameservers. Your domain must resolve using CloudFlares DNS server Go to DNS … Continue reading “HTTP/2 Server Push with NGINX, CloudFlare and WordPress”