Let’s Encrypt DNS challenge with acme.sh and CloudFlare

I wrote a small blog post about getting free SSL certificates using Let’s Encrypt. It required outside access for the validations proces to work. But now I needed SSL certificates for my local services without public access, this turned out to be very easy using acme.sh DNS challenge and CloudFlare DNS. First we install it. … Continue reading “Let’s Encrypt DNS challenge with acme.sh and CloudFlare”

Ubuntu Canonical Livepatch Service

Since I am running several machines with LXD containers, it is extra important to keep the host kernel up-to-date with security patches since every container uses the host kernel. Using Canonicals Livepatch Service enables live patching without a reboot / restart for free for up to 3 machines. For this to work you need: Fully … Continue reading “Ubuntu Canonical Livepatch Service”

Free email forward with Mailgun.com

I recently started moving away from my Danish Domain and DNS provider GratisDNS which charges me about $7.5 per year just for an email forward service which I use to be able to send and receive emails as serek.eu from my gmail account. This can be done for free using Mailgun.com! This includes unlimited incoming … Continue reading “Free email forward with Mailgun.com”

Free SSL certificates with Let’s Encrypt

Let’s Encrypt is a free, automated, and open certificate authority which is currently in open beta. Translation: Get free SSL certificates without all the hassle of creation and renewal! This is backed by major players like Mozilla, Facebook, Chrome and Cisco. Even if you don’t use SSL on your website at the moment, you might be soon … Continue reading “Free SSL certificates with Let’s Encrypt”

Using iCloud Control Panel to sync bookmarks across browsers and operating systems

I found a small gem of an application called iCloud Control Panel for Windows which enables me to keep my bookmarks synchronized between Safari in OS X and Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome in Windows. It also syncs bookmarks between my iOS devices, like my iPhone. It can also synchronize to Android by using Chromes … Continue reading “Using iCloud Control Panel to sync bookmarks across browsers and operating systems”