Amazon AJAX Javascript Link Localiser

I recently wrote about how a cache everything on this site on CloudFlare – including the HTML pages. This does not play nice with my geo-aware cache setup which I used to generate specific pages with localised links depending which country my visitor came from. To get around this problem I have written some Javascript … Continue reading “Amazon AJAX Javascript Link Localiser”

Extract Amazon Affiliate earnings script

My earlier posts have been about creating links to Amazon that are localised in WordPress, see my posts here and here. One perk of using the excellent Amazon Link plugin for WordPress is that I get a small commission for items sold through the Amazon Affiliate program. It is not much, but it keeps this … Continue reading “Extract Amazon Affiliate earnings script”

Localised Amazon Affiliate links with WP Super Cache and preload script

Recently I blogged about using the Amazon Link plugin to create localised Amazon links to the products and parts I use in my post here. I later enabled the WP Super Cache plugin to make my site faster, but noticed that I got the wrong localised links. It turns out that the cache will save … Continue reading “Localised Amazon Affiliate links with WP Super Cache and preload script”

Geo-targeted Amazon affiliate links in WordPress

In most of my blogs I have always posted links to Amazon for the components I have used. The problem was I was always posting them to I wanted to change that so when the reader clicking on one of these links they would redirect to the nearest Amazon store, e.g. This gives … Continue reading “Geo-targeted Amazon affiliate links in WordPress”